The River Street Band did their damndest to recreate the legendary concert experience of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, from 1982 - 2017.  Their explosive, high-energy show featured the many classic songs that made Springsteen one of the most revered and loved Rock artists of all time.  Whether playing to a few thousand at a festival or a few hundred at a theatre or club, The River Street Band always followed the Springsteen credo of "playing every show as if it is our last." 

The River Street Band began performing in the 1980's, crisscrossing Canada with sell-out shows from coast to coast.  They are one of the original tribute bands.  The ten-member group captured the power, fun, and exhilaration of a Bruce Springsteen concert ... all night long . . . until their final concert on July 1, 2017.


The resemblance, musically, between The River Street Band and Bruce & The E Street Band is almost unmistakable.  As close to the real thing as possible.  They were electrifying!
- Fanshawe 

The River Street Band is one of the best of the so-called tribute bands and probably the only one that deserves to be thought of as more than just a carbon copy.  Instead of just imitating what the voice sings and the fingers play, they reproduce what the heart feels.
- The London Free Press

The River Street Band are the most honest and genuine tribute to the music of Bruce Springsteen.  The band presents much more than just cheap and uninspired imitation.  They're pure Rock 'n' Roll.
- The Ryersonian